Late Grandmaster Robert A. Trias

Description of Style:

Okinawan Shuri-Ryu Karate-Do: I submit our style to the words of the Father of this system and of Karate in America, the late O'Sensei Robert Trias. "Shuri-Ryu is a very old and traditional system with a long and unbroken history. From the ancient method, much wisdom has been gained and recorded. Shuri-Ryu is a totally complete system, and from it have come many other systems. It stresses a synthesis of Eastern and Western attitudes toward life, and through its practice and philosophy, a great inner peace and freedom will be reached." - By Robert A. Trias,© 2006 International Shuri-Ryu Association

"Dojo Kun" National School Creed:

* I shall conduct myself in a manner, which will reflect credit upon myself and society.

* I shall be loyal to my school and the art it teaches.

* I shall be honest and exercise integrity with the purpose of developing cooperation and trust with my fellow karate-ka and my teachers.

* I shall exercise restraint in the use of my karate knowledge, employing it only in fair competition or in the defense of my life, my family, and my country.

ISA – International Shuri-Ryu Association
Founder and Director: O’Sensei Robert Bowles, Hanshi

The following descriptions of the ISA and Statement of Purpose have been quoted directly from the official ISA website

"The International Shuri-Ryu Association is the largest organization of Shuri-Ryu stylists in the world! Though our name is style specific, our association is comprised of many different styles and systems. We all share the common goal of spreading the positive attributes of martial arts throughout the world. Whatever path you are on, we invite you to learn more about us."

"ISA Statement of Purpose:

* To propagate the Shuri-Ryu system throughout the world
* To maintain the high standards of the Shuri-Ryu system
* To preserve the integrity and excellence of the Shuri-Ryu system
* To unify Shuri-Ryu stylists around the world
* To provide a central archives for rank certification
* To promote national and international training seminars
* To encourage communication within the Shuri-Ryu community
* To provide promotional examinations for rank advancement
* To represent the Shuri-Ryu system with honor and dignity on a national and international level"

ISA – International Shuri-Ryu Association

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